Day 30 of 100 Days of Blogging, What is the Most Unfair Thing About Capitalism?

Hello, and welcome back to 100 Days of Blogging, where today we get to what is right now my favorite topic that I’ve had so far, and one that my parents probably are wishing didn’t come up because they’ve had to hear about this more times then they’ve probably wanted to. But anyway, enough preliminaries, today’s prompt comes to us from the World Category and the card states “The most unfair thing about capitalism is…”

Well, not like this is in anyway topical to what’s going in the world right now. As I’m writing this, on June 2, 2020, to be published on June 3, 2020 (yes, I write these in advance and schedule them to post, makes it easier in my opinion) there are protests all over the country over the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, and Ahmaud Ahbrey, but in all honesty they are just further protests from other instances of Black people being killed by cops or others and no consequences steaming from them.

“But Nick,” says my conveniently placed literary device pretending to be a person that I’m having a conversation with, “What do these protests have to do with the most unfair thing about capitalism?”

Well, it’s because these protests ultimately stem from what is the most unfair thing about capitalism, and that’s the inherent inequality in the system. Under capitalism, there must always be an underclass supporting the ruling class, and historically speaking, those have been racial minorities.

That’s not to say that White people have not and are not members of the underclass supporting the ruling class, but if you look at the racial makeup of the billionaire ruling class, you will see a lot of White people, and a lot of men. You will see people that have created a system where they hold all the cards, and occasionally will allow people that are minorities to come into the club to make it seem like they’re not racist and classist, but when it comes to actual structural change, where those that are privileged will have to give up some of that privilege in order to make a more just society?

Well, just look around at the world and country right now. Police are reacting violently to people peacefully asking to not be killed with impunity by police. “Black Lives Matter”, a by itself innocuous phrase, has been labeled “hate speech” by those who have a vested interest in continuing the inherent inequality of the current capitalist system, and it seems like we can’t go too many days without hearing and seeing yet another black person killed by cops who were acting wrongly.

George Floyd was killed over a possible fake $20 bill. Breonna Taylor was killed because the cops executed a no-knock raid on her residence in plain clothes and without announcing themselves, and, fearing that they were being robbed, her boyfriend used a legal firearm to defend himself, after which the cops unloaded their firearms into the apartment killing Breonna Taylor. David McAtee was a beloved business owner who fed cops for free at his restaurant. Still killed by cops. Ahmaud Ahbrey was killed by a former DA investigator, who wasn’t arrested for months until video was leaked showing what happened in the incident.

These and other incidents and other statistics show the inherent inequality of the capitalist system, and show why people are protesting asking for systemic change.

So that is what is most unfair about capitalism. In requires inequality, which leads to violence. We must find a better system, and we must come to a more just system.

Yes, Years Are Arbitrary and People Will Die in 2017

That doesn’t mean you get to be a jerk about it. We get it, we do. The calendar arbitrarily changing to 2017 isn’t magically making everyone immortal. That doesn’t mean that 2016 hasn’t been a horrible year for many of us when it comes to celebrity deaths. Many icons died this year, and on top of that the year has a whole has been pretty crappy for many people.

When it comes to celebrity deaths people don’t mourn because they actually knew the person, they mourn because those people helped them know themselves. Carrie Fisher was a hero to many a woman with mental illness and addiction and a sign that it can get better for you. David Bowie and Prince were heroes to men who don’t fit the typical view of masculinity. Alan Rickman was a prominent member of a franchise that has literally spawned activist movements and according to studies actually makes its readers better human beings.

That’s also not to mention the other ways this year has been exceptionally crappy. Fascism is on the rise at home and abroad with Nazis literally becoming a prominent political force in the U.S. and other right wing populist factions gaining followers abroad. Looking at you France, Brexit. And with that increase in fascism comes the real fear that traditionally oppressed minorities will have their lot in life made even worse than it is at the moment. One only has to look at certain political platforms to realize why people are afraid.

So yeah, when people are mourning celebrities and saying “F*** 2016” they’re not thinking that when we arbitrarily decide that this is definitely a new year and a distinct unit of time that’s real instead of just a method for our human minds to be able to compartmentalize and not shut down at the idea of the immensity of time that no one will die, what they’re saying is that “This period of the Earth orbiting the sun has sucked because of these reasons and that’s why I’m sad.” They don’t need your sanctimonious “I’m sure no one will die in 2017.” or “Time is arbitrary and so 2016 isn’t what’s killing people.”

Because yeah, we know.

Art Is Not, Has Never Been, nor Should It be, Apolitical

When Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended the musical “Hamilton” on Broadway, he was addressed from the stage by the current actor portraying Aaron Burr with a message from the cast, crew, and producers. Essentially he said that the cast were representative of the diverse America that hoped Pence and the administration he was representing would protect all citizens of America. Pretty innocuous, if you’re not a conservative who thinks that diversity and equality means oppression.

The reaction from the Conservasphere was fast, predictable, and oh so wrong. They denounced the cast for their actions and for making the performance “political” like art should not be political, and isn’t inherently political. Here’s a tip, art has always been political. From the earliest attempts at art on cave walls art has been political. Hieroglyphics? Political. Greek Statues? Political. Roman Architecture? Most definitely political.

This idea that art has ever been apolitical is just wrong, and the belief that comes with it that art should not be political is dangerous. Believing that there’s nothing political in art leads to complacency, and an inability to look at art critically. Every piece of art, be it movies, music, sculpture, painting, embroidery, theater, television, books, newspapers, comics, everything, is political. There is always a message behind a piece of art, some of them aren’t as open about their message as others, not everyone is “Hamilton”, but all of them have a message. Even those that say that they “have no message” have a message. The fact that they are professing to not have a message is a message unto itself. Terry Pratchett was specifically talking about Fantasy writers and their dependence on Tolkien, but his point is extremely relevant. “J.R.R. Tolkien has become a sort of mountain, appearing in all subsequent fantasy in the way that Mt. Fuji appears so often in Japanese prints. Sometimes it’s big and up close. Sometimes it’s a shape on the horizon. Sometimes it’s not there at all, which means that the artist either has made a deliberate decision against the mountain, which is interesting in itself, or is in fact standing on Mt. Fuji.” The idea that your art is apolitical is itself a political statement.

And for that matter, art shouldn’t be apolitical. Art has the unique ability to change culture, and influence people. If you aren’t making a statement with your art you have no story. Themes are political by nature, and if you don’t have a theme in you art you have no plot.

Art is political, realize that, and stop being disingenuous about what it is.

Evangelical Christianity Needs to Take a Good Look at Itself

Honestly, the way that many of my friends and fellow Christians have been conducting themselves in the past few months honestly makes my skin crawl. Between the support of the absolutely deplorable politics of Trump, or the reaction to Jen Hatmaker saying “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t tell LGBT+ people that they’re not inherently going to hell based on who they are, and maybe we’re mistaken about homosexual relationships.” you’d think that the message of Christ was “Take advantage of everyone you can, enrich yourself at the expense of the poorest among you, degrade those that are unlike you, and don’t love your neighbor.” Which, maybe I’m missing some lessons from my youth, but I don’t remember that being taught in the kids department. Granted, that would probably be a better message for many people that claim the mantel of “Evangelical Christianity”, but that’s not what Jesus said now is it?

What was it that Jesus actually said? Something like, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Take care of those less fortunate than you.” “Don’t judge others or you will be judged the same.” Personally I feel that last one might be the most pertinent for many of my fellow Christians. Especially those that choose to judge Hillary Clinton by the actions of her husband (who she clearly has completely under her control since she’s a witch, or is it because she’s in league with Satan? I can’t keep up with the inanity these days.) but yet excuse Donald’s many, many, many, many, many, many, many, instances of cheating contractors, misogyny, racism, xenophobia, hatred, and oh yeah, HIS MANY FASCIST TENDENCIES! He has literal Neo-Nazis and the KKK supporting him. If that doesn’t tell you that maybe you shouldn’t be supporting him. I don’t know about you, but if I’m on the same side of the KKK, I would take a good long look at why that may be the case.

And I hear you over there my Christian Libertarians “I’m voting for Gary Johnson! I’m absolved of any of this!” Sit down. The Libertarian Party’s plans are horrible for the least of us. If that phrase sounds familiar it’s because it’s a paraphrase of Matthew 25:39 (ESV) “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” The idea that the Libertarian Party’s platform is better than the current GOP platform is laughable. The only good thing about their platform is that they care about civil rights. Their economic policies and ideas about government are horrible for the country and horrible for people that aren’t rich white guys.

So right now Evangelical Christianity has to come to a conclusion. Do they continue on this path and eventually, in my opinion, lead themselves into irrelevancy and eventual oblivion? Or do they repudiate the Fascist candidate their party nominated and hope that they can try to regain any respect they may have had from the public at large. Because at this point the way that they are going, we’re looking at an increasingly irrelevant church that doesn’t attract new converts.

Orlando Was a Hate Crime

Say it with me “Orlando was a hate crime.” This is the consequence of homophobia being accepted, and coddled in society. There’s a reason the shooter chose to attack a gay nightclub, and it’s because he hated gay people. You know what wasn’t the reason? Islam. According to the shooters family he wasn’t a practicing Muslim, he didn’t pray, he didn’t fast during Ramadan, he wasn’t a practicing Muslim, he was just an angry homophobe who decided to shoot up a gay nightclub.

“But Nick!”I hear you shout convenient strawman “He pledged allegiance to ISIS in a phone call! That means he’s a muslim extremist and this is ISIS’ fault!” No, no it doesn’t. Anyone can say that, hell, I could say I was pledging allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II but that doesn’t mean she’s responsible for whatever stupid crap I pull immediately thereafter. That’s not how this works. We have statements from his family that what precipitated this was that he saw two gay men kissing and he was angry about that.

So yeah, call this what it truly is, a hate crime against LGBT+ people, that was allowed to happen because Americans love their guns more than they care about people being able to live their lives. We can talk about gun control, but the truth is that Sandy Hook proved that Americans don’t care about mass shootings, they just love their guns too much.

And Republican lawmakers? Constantly attacking LGBT+ people and denying them basic human rights means you need to shut up and keep your “thoughts and prayers” to yourself. You do literally nothing to help prevent events like this from happening. Your thoughts and prayers are useless.

To My Republican Friends

You had one job! One job and you really screwed the pooch on it. All we asked was that you didn’t nominate a racist fascist in this election. Simple right?

Nope! Look who’s the the nomination. This idiot.


Which is just wonderful. As if this election wasn’t enough of an international laughing stock as it is now. What is it about Donald Trump that is appealing as a candidate?

Is it the overt racism that spews forth like a poorly written KKK stream of consciousness novel? The multiple failures as a business man? The low level vocabulary? The inability to make anything resembling coherent policy statements? The bullying on stage? The absolute travesty that he calls a hairstyle? What is it?

You couldn’t select John Kasich or Jeb Bush? Honestly I’d have more respect for the party if that was the direction it went in. Too bad y’all decided to crap the bed. Trump is the second worst choice as your nominee, so congratulations on not selecting Cruz. Which is kinda like congratulating your dog on puking on the laminate flooring rather than the bed. Technically it’s better, but it’s still pretty bad.

So congratulations GOP. You seem to truly deserve this candidate.

Is It Too Late to Accept The South’s Secession?

Honestly, at this point, with the South seemingly competing with itself to figure out “Who’s the bigger asshole?” I propose we reopen negotiations and accept the Confederacy’s secession and just let them go. Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee can go first, so that they can start building up a National Government. Then we can just slowly let the rest of the Southern States join the new government. Georgia seemingly had a good head on its shoulders so we can keep it on a provisional basis, but if and when it goes stupid we can just let them leave as well.

How do laws like the ones recently passed in MS, TN, and NC even make it through a basic “Am I being a dick?” test? Like, seriously. This is absurd. These people claim to be Christians and following the Bible, but what happened to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? Is this what you would want to have happen? Be an oppressed minority in a state that hates you? I know you like to get your panties in a wad about persecution  because the person at the store said “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, but grow up and and read a newspaper. True persecution of Christians doesn’t happen in America, it never has and at this point probably never will. You know where it’s actually dangerous to be a Christian? The Middle East in Daesh controlled territory. But what do we want to do with people fleeing Daesh? Deny them access to a safe country because they might be dangerous. It’s patently ridiculous.

Laws like these do nothing to actually protect people, and are passed for the sole purpose of oppressing minorities. How much hate do you have to have to want o go out of your way to harm people? Bathroom laws aren’t going to protect anyone, especially since the stated “Men will go in women’s bathrooms to sexually assault them” defense falls flat when you consider the fact that SEXUAL ASSAULT IS RARELY PROSECUTED! It’s not like if people who are transgender are truly going to sexually assault people that the cops are going to do anything about it. All these laws do is increase the risk of physical assault and murder for a vulnerable segment of society. Of course, the best part of this whole endeavor is the fact that more GOP senators have been arrested for misconduct in a bathroom than people who are transgender ever have. Let’s just let that sink in as we proclaim them as predators.

So congratulations the South, keep it up and maybe the rest of us sane people will be over here waving goodbye as you go down in a ball of flames. Don’t write, we’ll just use it for kindling.

Congratulations North Carolina

You win today’s prize of “State in the Union I am most disappointed with.” It seems that it has a tendency to bounce around the various conservative states in the U.S.A. (though often settling on Texas.) But really, way to show what the Republican platform of smaller government is really about. A government small enough to fit in people’s bedrooms and public bathrooms, because that’s where we really need government intervention.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with what happened, N.C. law makers, in a fit of childish petulance, saw fit to not only overturn Charlotte, N.C.’s LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance, but also make it so that no other city in N.C. can ever pass one. In doing so, they came together in a special session that cost $42,000 per day to convene. So good job on saving the taxpayers money there guys.

The most hilarious part of this whole thing is that this was supposedly done in order to protect people from predators in bathrooms. Here’s the thing though, not once has a transgender person assaulted someone in a bathroom that matches with their gender identity. You know what does happen? Transgender people are routinely assaulted when all they want to do is use the bathroom. And here’s the best part! People can actually use the “Transpanic” defense to get off for crimes against transgender people. Laws like this aren’t meant to protect people, they’re solely for the oppression of heavily marginalized class of people.

Pat McCrory, you’re a disgrace to the United States. Especially how you handled the blowback. “Bipartisan bill” really? Because from all accounts every Democrat walked out of the Senate Chamber in protest. That’s not bipartisanship, that’s being embarrassed to be in the same room as you and your friends. Seriously, even when I was a conservative Republican I would’ve been embarrassed to be associated with you. If you truly believe that the government that governs best governs least, then really you’d think that where a person uses a bathroom would be like, at the very bottom on the least of things you need to regulate.

So congratulations North Carolina, you really showed us how to be stupid.

The State of My Former Party

So, to start this off, I used to be a hardcore right wing conservative GOPer. Not Ted Cruz crazy GOPer, but a conservative who due to the circumstances of living in California often voted Libertarian just to make some form of my voice heard. Granted that may or may not have caused Jerry Brown to win his first renewed term, but I’m not so conceited as to think that my one vote for Dale Ogden rather than Meg Whitman was influential enough to cause her to lose. She did that on her own but that’s not the point about this post.

The current state of the GOP is one that would be laughable if it didn’t have horrible implications for our country. The way I see it, the only three choices currently available in the GOP’s stable are the Authoritarian nightmare that is Donald Trump, the extreme right winger Dominionist Ted Cruz, and the right winger trying to pass himself off as a moderate Marco Rubio. The only seemingly sane one is John Kasich, and he’s going nowhere and has plenty of out there statements of his own.

So the question becomes, where do you go from here if you’re the GOP? It seems that much of the base is going towards Trump the loud mouthed authoritarian, but if you’re a party that professes a love for the constitution what do you do with a candidate like that? The Constitution is specifically to prevent authoritarianism, but it sure seems like Trump is going to give it the old college try.

Are you going to try with Cruz? His electability is in such a state that I firmly believe that the GOP’s base might actually stay home instead of elect him. Literally no one in the senate likes him and he only makes enemies wherever he goes. This is the guy that pulled the legislative equivalent of holding your breath until you get your way with the government shutdown. How did that work for you? If I remember correctly, the GOP was even more hated after the shutdown than it was going in.

So now we come to Rubio. The great savior of the establishment GOP. The problem with that is that Rubio can’t talk without either repeating himself, or pretending he’s made great electoral victories when he’s getting trounced by Cruz and Trump. He seems to be the only person besides his rally supporters that actually believes he’s making any great strides. The only state he’s won is Minnesota. You know the last time Minnesota went Republican in the general election? The 1970’s. 1972 to be exact. There’s a ringing endorsement for his electoral chances. It’s like a Democrat winning southern states in the primary, good for the delegates, but how useful in the general? Or California for that matter which hasn’t gone Republican since the Reagan Administration. And that’s probably because Reagan was a former governor.

In short, this is one of those times where I’m glad I switched my party allegiance. The choices on the Democratic slate are much more palatable when it comes to actually taking care of people, and both Hilary and Bernie are miles ahead of the current slate of GOP candidates.