Day 100 of 100 Days of Blogging, What Do I Not Have Enough Time to Do?

Good morning, and welcome back to 100 Days of Blogging. Today’s post is the last one of this series and the last card in the deck. I’ll still post here when I get the inspiration, but it’s not going to be the daily like it used to be. Anyway, today’s question comes to us from the Self-Reflection category and the card asks, “What don’t you have enough time to do? Why?”

Well, the easy answer would be writing for fun. At the moment I am studying for the California State Bar Exam, one that is known for being the hardest in the nation, and that is taking up most of my time. It doesn’t leave me a lot of time to write for fun like novels and short stories and the like.

But for me it’s worth it because once I’m done with the State Bar Exam and passed I’ll probably have more free time to do that. I will be working, obviously, but I won’t need to spend every waking moment thinking about the various facets of law.

So there we go, what I don’t have enough time to do and why I don’t have the time. Thank you for following me on this journey to 100 daily posts, and I hope you continue following along.

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