Day 69 of 100 Days of Blogging, Writing a Letter to Someone Who Has Impacted Me.

Hello, and welcome back to 100 Days of Blogging. Today’s topic comes to us from the Love and Relationships category, and the card says “Write a letter to someone who has impacted your life.”

So here we go.

Dear Brock Morgan,

It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other when you were let go as the Senior High pastor, at my old church, but in that one year of being my youth pastor you did have a big impact on my spiritual journey.

It was in that youth group that I started to get rid of the old Seventh Day Adventist religious beliefs that were holding me back and keeping me from realizing the full potential of my relationship with God, and for that I cannot thank you enough.

You showed me that God loves me and wants to be in a deep relationship with me like no one else had at that time. And while I have since moved away from the evangelical tradition, it was the seeds you planted that caused me to continue being a Christian when I left my old church. For that I am thankful.


Nick Wilcox

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