Day 53 of 100 Days of Blogging, If I Knew I was Going to Die in Exactly One Year, What Would I Do?

Good morning and welcome back to 100 Days of Blogging. Today’s topic comes to us from the Random category and the card says, “If you found out you would die in a year, describe what you would do for the next 365 days.”

Well, that’s not morbid at all. Anyway, we have 365 days to live so let’s talk about that.

First thing’s first, my family is going to find out so that way they know it’s coming. I don’t need to traumatize them by dropping dead randomly, to them, so they’re going to find out. Especially since I need to use a lot of this time to tell them I love them. If you know you’re going to die you need to tell your loved ones that you love them.

Second of all, I’m informing my church so that way those people know what’s going to happen and can prepare themselves for this. I’ve made it explicitly clear in my instructions should I pass away young that my funeral is going to be an Episcopalian service, and that the Priest In Charge of my church is going to be the one conducting the service. This way I’ll have everything set up and done prior to my passing away.

Now, once those are done, I’m going to travel. I’m going to travel as much as I can by working various odd jobs that I can take to help people with whatever they need done, because those are going to be the main two things that I do with my life. I’m going to travel, and I’m going to help people.

Because that’s ultimately what’s going to be important to me. Helping people and seeing cool places. And making sure that my loved ones know that I loved them.

And please, make sure to tell those closest to you that you love them. I’m lucky in that I have a good relationship with my family, but if you’re someone who relies on a found family, make sure they know how you feel about them.

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