Day 48 of 100 Days of Blogging, Where Do I Not Want to Travel to?

Good morning, and welcome back to 100 Days of Blogging. Today’s topic comes to us from the World category, and the card says “Where in the world do you have no desire to travel? Why?”

I’ve never really thought about this question before, but I guess that makes sense, really. Typically I think of places that I really want to travel to, like Ireland, Scotland, and England like I had planned before COVID-19 hit. But I also want to travel to Africa at some point, and Asia as well, but I’ve never thought about what I want to avoid.

I guess the easiest answer would be that I don’t want to go to much of the Middle East at the moment. Given that American Imperialist adventures have created a real mess of the region I think it would be for the best if I avoided some of those areas for the time being.

I also have no desire to travel to Somalia at the moment, for much the same reasons. People and countries in positions of power throughout the world have taken what was a thriving country and made it a failed state.

So there we go, a few places that I do not have a wish to travel to any time soon.

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