Day 38 of 100 Days of Blogging, What’s One Skill I’ve Always Wanted to Pick Up?

Good morning, and welcome back to 100 Days of Blogging. Today’s card comes to us from the Education and Career category, and the card says “What’s one skill you’ve always wanted to pick up? Why?”

I would have to say that one skill I’ve always kinda wanted to pick up would be to be able to draw, or do any kind of visual art. I’ve always been amazed at what people can do to with just a piece of paper and something as innocuous as a pen. Or colored pencils for that matter. I’ve seen some amazing pictures done with nothing but some colored pencils.

I also very rarely take pictures or videos when I’m out and about and I think it would probably be a better idea to try to do that more often, if only to document my life for later to remember it and share with loved ones later.

So there we go, a skill that I’ve always wanted to pick up and why.

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