Day 33 of 100 Days of Blogging, When am I Happiest in Relationships?

Good morning, and welcome back to 100 Days of Blogging, which means we’re roughly 1/3rd of the way through this exercise. Anyway, today’s topic comes to us once again from the Love and Relationships category and it states “When are you happiest in relationships?

Well, for me, I’m happiest in any relationship, be it familial, romantic, or professional, when I know where we stand with each other. I don’t like it when I have to either check in with a person in order to know where the relationship is at, or try to gauge from their behavior where the relationship is at.

It what caused me a great deal of strife at a previous job of mine, because my boss would have different moods based on what was happening throughout the day. There would be times where she would yell at a member of the staff in front of everybody, but then would turn around and make sure you had enough time off if you asked for it to go to your cousin’s wedding.

I’m happiest in a relationship when there is open communication between us and both people know where they stand.

So there we go, how I’m happiest in a relationship.

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