Day 20 of 100 Days of Blogging, What Are the Most Important Things That Should be Taught in School?

Today marks 20 days, or 1/5th of the way through our journey to 100 straight days of blogging. Today’s topic comes to us from the Education category and the card states “What are the three most important things that children should be taught in school?”

While it would be easy to through out subjects that I liked in school or my recent area of study, I think that what should be taught in school is a combination of abstract things as well as some practical “real world” skills.

The first thing is that everyone should be taught critical thinking. A lot of times in schools the teachers are forced to teach to the test because of the importance that our society places on standardized testing scores as the true measure of what people are learning, and teachers are forced to teach just what is going to be on the test rather than skills that will help students learn what they need to learn as well as the information that they want to impart. Teaching critical thinking skills will improve the political process and how we consume media.

The second thing is that everyone should be taught how to deal with the police. Because in this country we have an issue where people are far too trusting with the police. Plenty of times, talking to the police is fine, when you’ve been the victim of a crime, when you need directions, essentially whenever you initiate the conversation with the police. Whenever the police initiate conversation with you? Only talk to them if you have a lawyer present. If the police start asking you questions, especially where you were, or if you were with someone, they’re going fishing. And when they’re fishing, they often don’t care if they find the right fish as long as they catch a fish. So people should be taught how to interact with police.

The third thing is that everyone should be taught is how to do common household tasks. This ties in with the first point in that schools, because home economics isn’t on any standardized testing procedure, have done away with the class and as such people are getting through high school without the skills that many previous generations take for granted. Then those same generations that did away with those classes write articles about how the young people don’t know how to complete various household tasks and it’s a sign as to how stupid and lazy the younger generations are, when it’s their fault in the first place!

So there we have it, the three most important things that children should be taught in school.

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