Day 17 of 100 Days of Blogging, What Books Have Made a Profound Impact on Me?

Welcome to Day 17 of 100 Days of Blogging, which also happens to be my birthday! So Happy Birthday to me, here’s a pandemic as a gift. Thank you world. Anyway, today’s topic comes to us from the Random category and the card state “List up to 5 books or films that have made a profound impact on you and explain why.”

The first one is very easy to pick as I’ve written about it before here on the blog. Rachel Held Evans’ book “Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church” has probably had the single most profound impact on my life. It was through that book that I continued in my walk with Christ and stayed a Christian. It was because of this book that I eventually went my own way and found a church home that more closely fit my religious and political views.

The second pick is a movie, and that is going to be “Star Wars” and that would be all of them as a franchise, yes even the PT and ST. They were my first exposure to anything like science fiction and have given me a love for science fiction and fantasy that has continued to this day. I still routinely consume fantasy and science fiction books, movies, and television shows and Star Wars was my first exposure to it.

Third pick is the Harry Potter series of books. I’ve absolutely loved reading them every time I’ve reread them and they’re some of my favorite books. I loved the characters and the story and the hope it gives me that humanity can be good.

Fourth pick is the Bible. I put it down because while I don’t believe that the Bible is inerrant and infallible, it is how I learn about Christ and is part of the basis of my Christian Faith. So while it isn’t the sole basis, it is a strong basis for my faith.

My fifth and final pick is going to be On Basilisk Station by David Weber. It is the first book in the Honor Harrington series, and when I graduated from college it was one of the books that rekindled my love of reading. When I graduated college and when I had been in college I hadn’t read a whole lot of non-class books because I didn’t have the time or inclination. I was doing so much reading for school that reading for fun didn’t really excite me anymore. But when I started reading On Basilisk Station I couldn’t stop. It helped that I was still looking for work after graduation, but the story and the characters just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.

So there we have it, 5 books or films that have made a profound impact on me and why.

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