Day 14 of 100 Days of Blogging, Who Among My Peer Group Has the Most Meaningful Job and What Can I Learn From Them?

Hello and welcome back to 100 Days of Blogging. Today’s topic comes to us from the Education and Career category and the card states, “In your peer group, who do you look to that has the most meaningful job? What could you learn from them?”

This is one of the first topics where I’m reminded that this is a deck meant for creative journaling, at least according to the information cards that are included with the deck, because this is calling for the names of people that are in my life. They may not want me to put their name out on the internet where anyone and their grandmother to see.

Another issue we run into is the same one from yesterday. What does meaningful mean? What does it mean to have a meaningful job? Does a meaningful job have to be meaningful to society? Because what is a meaningful job to society? The people that clean everything up? The people that own businesses?

There isn’t really a good answer as to what is a meaningful job. Because there’s a lot of jobs in society that aren’t treated as well as they should be.

There’s also another issue with trying to determine who in my peer group has the most meaningful job because all of my peers from law school are either unemployed or about to be unemployed. We’re all studying for the bar. No one is able to work while studying for the bar, so we have to quit our jobs.

So there you have it, another discussion on what “meaningful” means and an explanation as to why I can’t name a particular person and their job.

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