Day 7 of 100 Days of Blogging, the same as Day 1, but in Reverse!

Hello, and the reason for today’s delay in blog post is because I usually write these a day in advance, but yesterday I forgot, so I’m publishing it immediately after I write it today. Either way, we’re back to the Life Category and this card’s prompt is the opposite of Day 1’s prompt. The card states “Describe what life will be like in 3 years if you don’t allow your bad habits to stop you.” And yes, I did have to read that a couple times to make sure it wasn’t a reprint.

Now, if I don’t allow my bad habits to stop me, my life in 3 years is going to be pretty awesome. I’ll be working as a lawyer in either Criminal Defense or Civil Rights law because I’ll have passed the California State Bar Exam and started working in either a law firm or for a governmental body. I’ll have my desk and case loads organized and would be on top of as much as possible given that lawyers are almost always behind because caseloads are never scheduled the way they should be so that you can work on what cases are coming up rather than everything all at once because every party of the case thinks that they’re the most important person in your caseload. Which, they are important, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes there isn’t anything new in someone’s case and you’re waiting on the other side.

Something else I would have done if I don’t allow my bad habits to stop me is to have more novels written and edited. Obviously my legal career would take precedence in this situation, but I would like to have better organized my time so that I would still be able to do my writing and complete it. Would I ever get published? Who knows, weirder things have happened, but I don’t know if I’ll ever send my work out.

So there you have it, the polar opposite of the first prompt in this deck and that’s what I see my life being if I don’t allow my bad habits to stop me.

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