Introduction and Day One of 100 Days of Journal/Blog Prompts

So, some time ago, my brother gave me a deck of cards from the Best Self Company. Each card has a prompt from one of six different categories, Life, Education & Career, Love & Relationships, Self-Reflection, Random, and World. And now, since we’re all being told to stay in our homes and I’m not doing anything beyond studying for the California State Bar Exam happening in September instead of July, I figured that I could do these prompts whenever I’m on a break or done for the day. And as there are 100 prompt cards, that means 100 days of blogging. Thank you to my brother for getting me the deck of cards.

Today’s prompt comes to use from the Life category and says “Describe what your life will be like in 3 years if you continue to allow your bad habits stand in the way.” So, you know, a nice easy prompt to start us off. Nothing like looking at yourself and saying “Here’s where you’re going to end up if I don’t get my crap together.”

Honestly, where I see myself in 3 years if I continue to allow my bad habits to stand in the way is just barely starting my legal career because I allowed myself to slack off on studying for the bar and wound up not passing it on the first try. I most likely would be underemployed at that point in order to keep up with my student loan payments and would need to continue relying on my parents help to keep up with the student loan debts that I’ve accrued to get through law school.

Now, this still would be a privileged life to be living as I know that I would have my parents support even through the toughest times, and not everyone has that same privilege. They’ve always had my back through the good times and the bad and I’ve never had to worry about whether or not I was going to have a roof over my head or if I was going to have something to eat during the day. However, my life would still be significantly harder for me if I continue to allow bad habits to stand in the way.

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