Orlando Was a Hate Crime

Say it with me “Orlando was a hate crime.” This is the consequence of homophobia being accepted, and coddled in society. There’s a reason the shooter chose to attack a gay nightclub, and it’s because he hated gay people. You know what wasn’t the reason? Islam. According to the shooters family he wasn’t a practicing Muslim, he didn’t pray, he didn’t fast during Ramadan, he wasn’t a practicing Muslim, he was just an angry homophobe who decided to shoot up a gay nightclub.

“But Nick!”I hear you shout convenient strawman “He pledged allegiance to ISIS in a phone call! That means he’s a muslim extremist and this is ISIS’ fault!” No, no it doesn’t. Anyone can say that, hell, I could say I was pledging allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II but that doesn’t mean she’s responsible for whatever stupid crap I pull immediately thereafter. That’s not how this works. We have statements from his family that what precipitated this was that he saw two gay men kissing and he was angry about that.

So yeah, call this what it truly is, a hate crime against LGBT+ people, that was allowed to happen because Americans love their guns more than they care about people being able to live their lives. We can talk about gun control, but the truth is that Sandy Hook proved that Americans don’t care about mass shootings, they just love their guns too much.

And Republican lawmakers? Constantly attacking LGBT+ people and denying them basic human rights means you need to shut up and keep your “thoughts and prayers” to yourself. You do literally nothing to help prevent events like this from happening. Your thoughts and prayers are useless.