To My Republican Friends

You had one job! One job and you really screwed the pooch on it. All we asked was that you didn’t nominate a racist fascist in this election. Simple right?

Nope! Look who’s the the nomination. This idiot.


Which is just wonderful. As if this election wasn’t enough of an international laughing stock as it is now. What is it about Donald Trump that is appealing as a candidate?

Is it the overt racism that spews forth like a poorly written KKK stream of consciousness novel? The multiple failures as a business man? The low level vocabulary? The inability to make anything resembling coherent policy statements? The bullying on stage? The absolute travesty that he calls a hairstyle? What is it?

You couldn’t select John Kasich or Jeb Bush? Honestly I’d have more respect for the party if that was the direction it went in. Too bad y’all decided to crap the bed. Trump is the second worst choice as your nominee, so congratulations on not selecting Cruz. Which is kinda like congratulating your dog on puking on the laminate flooring rather than the bed. Technically it’s better, but it’s still pretty bad.

So congratulations GOP. You seem to truly deserve this candidate.