Is It Too Late to Accept The South’s Secession?

Honestly, at this point, with the South seemingly competing with itself to figure out “Who’s the bigger asshole?” I propose we reopen negotiations and accept the Confederacy’s secession and just let them go. Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee can go first, so that they can start building up a National Government. Then we can just slowly let the rest of the Southern States join the new government. Georgia seemingly had a good head on its shoulders so we can keep it on a provisional basis, but if and when it goes stupid we can just let them leave as well.

How do laws like the ones recently passed in MS, TN, and NC even make it through a basic “Am I being a dick?” test? Like, seriously. This is absurd. These people claim to be Christians and following the Bible, but what happened to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? Is this what you would want to have happen? Be an oppressed minority in a state that hates you? I know you like to get your panties in a wad about persecution¬† because the person at the store said “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, but grow up and and read a newspaper. True persecution of Christians doesn’t happen in America, it never has and at this point probably never will. You know where it’s actually dangerous to be a Christian? The Middle East in Daesh controlled territory. But what do we want to do with people fleeing Daesh? Deny them access to a safe country because they might be dangerous. It’s patently ridiculous.

Laws like these do nothing to actually protect people, and are passed for the sole purpose of oppressing minorities. How much hate do you have to have to want o go out of your way to harm people? Bathroom laws aren’t going to protect anyone, especially since the stated “Men will go in women’s bathrooms to sexually assault them” defense falls flat when you consider the fact that SEXUAL ASSAULT IS RARELY PROSECUTED! It’s not like if people who are transgender are truly going to sexually assault people that the cops are going to do anything about it. All these laws do is increase the risk of physical assault and murder for a vulnerable segment of society. Of course, the best part of this whole endeavor is the fact that more GOP senators have been arrested for misconduct in a bathroom than people who are transgender ever have. Let’s just let that sink in as we proclaim them as predators.

So congratulations the South, keep it up and maybe the rest of us sane people will be over here waving goodbye as you go down in a ball of flames. Don’t write, we’ll just use it for kindling.