So clearly I didn’t make this clear enough two weeks ago



Ok The Walking Dead, I get it, I don’t watch your show, but I understand what kind of world you’re writing in, no one gets a happy ending, it’s the end of the world, humanity sucks, same old same old post-apocalyptic universe. Yes, people die in the Zombie Apocalypse, and yes lesbians shouldn’t be protected in such a universe, but as I mentioned back here you need to BE CAREFUL WITH HOW AND WHEN YOU KILL THEM OFF! Mind you, I haven’t watched the episode in question, but what I’ve read you done goofed. Joanna Robinson, writing for Variety here, discusses why Denise’s death is so problematic.

First! Denise going out on a supply run. Why is this a problem? Because apparently just two episodes ago, she made a big point about not going on a supply run because she’s the only doctor around. That’s a good point right there, you shouldn’t send your only doctor on a supply run in a world like TWD’s. People have a tendency to drop dead in such a world. Maybe you should make sure that your only doctor is as protected as possible, maybe left in the compound taking care of injured people. But what would I know about what doctors do, I have a liberal arts degree. So what does she do this episode? Goes on a supply run. What does she get for her troubles? An arrow in the eye.

Second, on our list of “Reasons why this is jacked up.” Writers, once again, have killed off a lesbian when she was starting to get a moment of happiness. She was about to admit her love for her girlfriend. While this isn’t nearly as egregious as Lexa’s death on The 100 two weeks ago or Tara’s death on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (14 years ago! Writers, can we not improve?) it’s still a bad look.

Thirdly, I can hear some comic readers piping up from the back “Denise dies in the comics!” Yeah well, she dies differently in the comics first off, and second, the person who does die in this way in the comics is a straight white male. Whoops, another bad look there TWD.

Look, these kinds of things are easy to stop, whether it’s increasing the diversity of the writer’s room or, I don’t know, actually talking to and listening to those that will be most affected by this bullcrap when you pull it. This is getting frustrated, I believe the count for just the last three weeks is three lesbian characters killed. One per week and yet they account for some of the smallest percentage of primetime television characters. Straight White Male Writers, why is it the lesbians that have to die and in often the same context? You can do so much better. We can do so much better. Hopefully our friendly Orca from last week can help you.

I came out of the ocean because you need to stop

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